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Scenery Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu

Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International is the second airport in Bucharest and is placed at 8.5 km from Bucharest center city and from 1.5 km from the World Trade Center of Bucharest. It was named after Aurel Vlaicu, a Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot. First flight was done in 1909 and from 2013 the aiport has sufred a several modernization and transformation from general aviation into a business airport for serve vip charters and private flights.
General charters and low cost flights was transfered to LROP Bucharest Otopeni International (Main airport of Bucharest and first of Romania). At today serve and mantain same operational character and also have a manteneice and revision services in larges hangars of ROMAERO to huge numbers of compannies.
The airport have only one runway 07/25 of concret covered with asphalt, and a shorth taxiway and apron. Baneasa town is a distro of Bucharest wich surround all the airport land because facility to a bussines area and residences.
The scenery has migrated from fisrt version tho v2 with a lot of improvments and high en detailed texture with more than 3 months of work. Is very optimized and only 150 Mb of unziped data.
LRBS is invite you to discover alternative to Bucharest Otopeni, get manteneice services, revisions or get a fast private routes.

Features of LRBS X-Plane Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu

  • Layer Ortofoto 40cm/pix
  • Terminal and lot of buildings high detailed and textured.
  • Custom taxiway with local taxilights.
  • 1 runways actives fully customized with local textures.
  • Custom navigation objects, all light markings and ground markings.
  • Volumetric 3D grass and local vegetation.
  • Static aircrafts and vehicles etc.
  • Fully Baneasa town in surround of airport.
  • Local lights, building, supermarkets, gas station, bars, etc.
  • ATC Routes and compatibility with Follow Me Car by JAR Design Group.
  • Scalable options acording your X-Plane confirguration.

  • Status:Finished v2. First version: 29/02/2013
    Publish: 20/02/2013
    Last update: 29/01/2016
    Actual version:v. 2_20160129


    Sames like X-Plane 10

    Coming updates

    - Bugs Fixes and Manteneice
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