LRTR - Traian Vuia

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Scenery Traian Vuia

Timisoara is our first development, and is the starting point of this project as a team. LRTR, is the second largest airport in Romania, has an active runway and one terminal. After the success of the first version, and lots of encouragements from a lot of users we make a jump to version 2 which cost us tree months of intensive work for redesign entirely scenery. All user who suported us was be migrated to LRTRv2. We added a plus of detail level like: stop bars taxi, improvments in grass, texturing, modeling, without kill fps and not for last animated doors of hangar with operational hours when open and close doors and others awesome things.

Status:Finished v2. First version: 1/12/2012
Publish: 11/06/2014
Last update: 23/06/2014
Actual version:v. 2_20140623


Sames like X-Plane 10

Coming updates

- Bugs Fixes and Manteneice
About LRTR - Traian Vuia
Timişoara "Traian Vuia" International (also known as Giarmata Airport) is Romania's third largest airport in terms of air traffic, after Bucharest Henri Coandă and Bucharest Aurel Vlaicu Airport and the main air transportation hub for the western part of Romania.

It is located in Timişoara, in the region of Banat, near the Hungarian and Serbian border. The airport was renamed on February 6, 2003 in memory of Traian Vuia, a Romanian flight pioneer and a Timiş County native.

Timişoara Airport is important for business travellers, too, as a number of international businesses operate in Timişoara.

Timişoara's first airport (Timişoara Communal Airport) was built a few kilometers away from the current airport's position, in the town of Moşniţa Veche. The first airplane landed there on July 17, 1935. The airport was rebuilt on its current position in the 1960s. The domestic flights terminal was opened in 1964. In 1980 the airport received International Airport status.

The airport has ILS CAT III status.